Kelowna Moving Tips: Packing

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So, you’ve just purchased your dream home here in beautiful Kelowna and you’re ready to start packing; congratulations! The big move is fast approaching and sometimes, packing for your Kelowna move can feel like a big job.

Here are some tips from our team here at Great Little Moving Co. to make sure that all your valuable possessions make it to your new Kelowna home in one piece!

1. Pick the right size moving boxes

You’d think this one would be a given, but time and time again we see our clients trying to stuff large items in small boxes, or small, breakable items in large boxes with too many other items. If you have heavy items such as books, put them into smaller boxes to make them easier to carry. Lighter items, such as linens and towels, can be placed in larger boxes. If you’re combining heavy and light items in the same box, be sure to place the heavier items on the bottom to make the box easier to carry.

2. Fill empty space

Fill in empty space around your items with packing paper, towels, bubble wrap, or something similar, to ensure that items don’t move around in transit and so boxes aren’t uneven, awkward weight. This can really help to protect your precious items during your Kelowna move.

3. Avoid mixing items 

Try to pack your boxes with items from the same room. That way, you can label your boxes with their desired location in your new home. When you’re ready to unpack, it is much easier to unpack your boxes if their contents live in the same place within your home!

4. Tape your boxes well

Too many times, we see boxes pop open that contain heavy items. Be sure to tape all sides of your boxes and wrap the tape around the box a couple of times to ensure the hold is strong enough. This will keep your items safely in place during transit.

5. Bundle breakables

When packing breakables, such as kitchen plates, put packing paper around each plate individually, pack dishes on their sides, and then use plenty of paper or other padding on both the top and bottom of the box to keep them safe. Avoid packing too many dishes in one box as this will make it very heavy and increase the chances of someone dropping it!

6. Consider items that will need special treatment 

Some electronics, such as plasma TVs, require special consideration when moving. Be sure to communicate manufacturers suggestions for transporting electronics to your Kelowna movers. If your items need to be stored, you’ll want to ensure that they are being stored at a controlled temperature. 

Once you’re all packed, our team of friendly Kelowna movers will schedule a time to collect your well-packed items and safely transport them to your new Kelowna home! Remember to plan your packing from room to room and start ahead of time so you don’t feel rushed to get things packed quickly which can result in poorly packed items and damage to your precious possessions. 

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