Appliances: to Move or Not to Move?

Did you know that you have the choice of bringing your appliances with you to your new home if you choose? Often here in BC, we leave our appliances such as kitchen, laundry, additional fridges and deep freezers, and more behind because we feel they’d be too much of a hassle to move. But what if you only purchased your brand-new washer and dryer recently and your new home’s appliances are in need of replacement? Each moving situation is as unique as the belongings going with it; here are our Top 4 considerations for whether to move appliances or not during a move.

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How to Master a Winter Move

Taking possession of a new property during the winter months can be a tricky task, but we’re confident you’ll master the move with the Great

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Prepare for Movers

There are many reasons why you may be considering hiring professional movers, including safe handling of your items, saving time, saving your body (you can

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