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Appliances: to Move or Not to Move?

As you’re preparing for a big move, you’ll take the time to sort, wrap and pack all of your most important belongings. From glassware and linens to furniture and sporting equipment; getting ready for a move is the prime time to review your household items to decide which will make the trek to your new home.

Did you know that you have the choice of bringing your appliances with you to your new home if you choose? Often here in BC, we leave our appliances such as kitchen, laundry, additional fridges and deep freezers, and more behind because we feel they’d be too much of a hassle to move. But what if you only purchased your brand-new washer and dryer recently and your new home’s appliances are in need of replacement? Each moving situation is as unique as the belongings going with it; here are our Top 4 considerations for whether to move appliances or not during a move.

Working with the Pros
When preparing for the big moving day you’ll need to decide if you’ll be transporting your home’s contents by yourself or if you will be enlisting the help of professionals. A super star moving team isn’t comprised of only professional movers; some appliances such as gas stoves and fireplaces may require a certified technician to disconnect them. Consider both the costs and benefits associated with moving your appliances versus leaving them behind.

As many of us learned in one of the most Iconic Friends® episodes of all time, stairwells can be a real pain when trying to move furniture (or appliances) to and from a home. Some appliances may be located in an open area of your home such as the kitchen, while others are tucked away in a cozy basement laundry room. Consider if you’ve completed any renovations after the placement of your appliances, as some lucky homeowners have learned mid-move that a newly installed drop-ceiling or decorative beam is now blocking the departure of a large appliance.

Delicate Transportation
If you’re taking the appliances during a move it’s imperative to remember their fragile nature. Many appliances have complex electronic systems within them that the moving team must exercise care and caution with. You’ll want to be sure that appliances are stood upright, wrapped properly and handled with care when being transported for placement at the new property.

Age and Condition
If you’ve recently invested in a set of new appliances, you likely won’t want to part ways with them at the time of your move. Your moving team will ensure these newly purchased appliances are transferred with special attention. Appliances that have a couple of years of use and are in good condition can add value and serve as an incentive to purchase for a potential buyer of your home. Aside from moving your appliances or leaving them behind, you may choose to re-home them. For appliances that are in tip-top shape but not needed in your new space, you can host a garage sale, list them on your local resale marketplace or donate them to a local Kelowna charity.

Preparing to move is no small task; there are many working parts that go into a smooth and enjoyable moving process. Connect with Great Little Moving Company to review your complimentary quote tailored to your unique moving needs.

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