Kelowna Movers Moving with Family

Tips for Moving with Children

For many adults, moving can be a stressful endeavour and it’s no different for the little ones in our lives. Moving with children is a big transition for any family; leaving the home you all know for a new space, having to say good-bye to long-time friends and shaking up the regular routine can contribute as potential pain points during this delicate time. The best way to minimize the impact of a move on children is to plan ahead and involve them in the process. While you may not be able to completely eliminate the challenges of moving with children, these 5 tips can help to ensure the process comes with a level of excitement and comfort:

Involve Your Children in the Process

There are many ways to involve your little ones in the moving process; from narrowing down selections for a new home and coordinating with your movers, to packing boxes and establishing a plan for the big moving day. We suggest that you involve your children in the moving process whenever possible because even the littlest task can make a positive impact in your child’s outlook towards their new home. Consider letting your little ones pick an accent wall colour for their room, pack a few boxes of their own or help to host a garage sale in the neighbourhood to involve them in the journey.

Pack a Moving Day Survival Kit

The big day of a move can be overwhelming and exhausting with all of the working parts. Ensure your children have their favourite teddy bear or action figure, some fan-favourite Okanagan snacks for sustenance and entertainment to keep them busy during any unexpected chaos. A small surprise upon arrival to the new house is a sure way to start the process of warming up for your child.

Go On An Adventure

Where possible, take your child(ren) on a road trip to see their new neighbourhood prior to the move. For long-distance moves, where you do not have the opportunity to go see neighbourhood in person, consider using Google Maps or YouTube Videos to advertise to your child(ren) the features of the new home, neighbourhood or city to which you’re relocating.

A Farewell Gathering.

For those of us adults that remember having to leave a school or friendship due to a move as a child; we can remember how terrible that felt at the time. Children may fear the prospect of having to make new friends and fit in at a new school, help them to embrace the transition. Host a goodbye gathering at your home and remember to keep in touch with these old friends when you get settled into your new neighbourhood.

Keep the Change to a Minimum

Minimizing change during a move is essential, especially for the younger children in our lives. You may be moving multiple provinces away or just a block down the road in Kelowna to a more suitable home; either way, familiarity may be the key to getting the whole family settled in comfortably. Discuss with your professional moving crew the importance of unloading your children’s bedroom early in the process, delegating a family member to ensure the bed gets set up and made with linens prior to your little ones arriving. Try to preserve family traditions in the new space too, like keeping Saturday night boardgame and Sunday morning pancake traditions alive.

Each move is unique, but there are ways to ensure that your move is enjoyable for all family members involved. Cherish the moments together in your current house and dream together about the memories you’ll make in your new family home. Contact us today to hear more about how we can help make your family’s Okanagan move as smooth and pleasant as possible.

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