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2020 is right around the corner and with the new decade comes bigger and better business goals. As your booming business grows you may find it’s time to move your team to a new location that accommodates all of those exciting business needs. When preparing for a business move, consider this checklist of tips to ensure you have a smooth move without pesky interruptions;

Preparing for the Move

  • Take the time to discard unnecessary items that need not make the trek with you. Now is your chance to sell office furniture, donate unwanted items and destroy expired documentation.
  • Consider any new location restraints such as elevators, stairs or electronic key fobs. You may need to contact the property management company ahead of time to ensure you have a clear route for your team on moving day.
  • Take a log of your inventory, ensure you’ve saved a digital copy for reference.
  • Create a Moving Day Timeline and Schedule – and don’t forget to budget time for the unexpected. As we know here in the Okanagan Valley, we can suffer from traffic congestion in both the summer and winter months so allow time to safely navigate moving trucks on the roads. Communicate this timeline and an important phone numbers contact list with employees and those involved with the move in advance, minimizing any confusion on the day of.
  • Take the time to label contents and destinations of all moving boxes. Mark and separate the most important boxes to be the first off of the trucks. Once you arrive at the new location, consider the items you’ll need immediate access to such as electronics, important files and key day-to-day supplies.


  • Let your clients know you’re moving. You should start your moving communication at least 30 days prior to your move. The more notice you can give, the less likely you’ll be to have missed business opportunities and late meeting arrivals.
  • Notify your vendors, suppliers, delivery drivers and communications companies to ensure there aren’t any service interruptions.
  • Change your address with financial institutions, your legal team, utility companies as well as the Canada Revenue Agency. For a move of this size, it’s recommended that you invest in a mail forwarding program with Canada Post.
  • Change your online profiles to ensure your potential customers can find you; Google Business Page, Social Media Accounts, and other local directories.
  • Confirm coverage and any restrictions you may have during the move with your business liability insurer.

The Day of Your Business Move

  • Delegate at least one responsible and confident member of your team at both the current and new business locations. This person will serve as the point of contact for those moving items, guiding where boxes should be placed and answering any questions that may arise.
  • Be ready for the moving team; have all boxes packed, large furniture disassembled, and the path cleared.
  • Have your delegated teammate turn on the heat or air conditioning at the new location if needed.
  • Have water and snacks handy for those giving a helping hand.

Budget permitting, it is best to leave the heavy lifting up to the professionals. A business move can be complex and requires a professional level of coordination to ensure the execution goes off without a hitch. Even as a small business, it’s easy to underestimate the number of working parts included on the day of a business-to-business move. 

With the right planning and a dedicated team of movers you can ensure that your business’s productivity is not dampened, and that business continues as usual. We’re all about building trust with you, box by box; and that starts with your personalized moving quote. Let us support you in an efficient, smooth and enjoyable Okanagan moving experience!

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