Moving in Winter Kelowna

How To Master a Winter Move

Taking possession of a new property during the winter months can be a tricky task, but we’re confident you’ll master the move with the Great Little Moving crew by your side. Prepare, plan and keep your moving spirits high for your winter move in the Okanagan Valley with these key tips:

Be Prepared

A smooth move starts with a plan. Prior to your move be sure to inventory your belongings, purge the house of items not making the move with you and discuss large and speciality items with the movers. Minimize chaos by having all of your packing done prior to moving day, and where possible, gather packed boxes together for easy transition to the moving trucks; stack similar packed items together, divided by room or destination area of the new house. Have someone available on both the move-out and move-in side to allow entry and guide movers with any questions or drop-off directions.

Clear the Way

Though we’re pretty fortunate with our often mild weather here in the Kelowna area, it’s best to prepare for unexpected weather surprises. Prevent potential accidents by clearing the path for your moving team; driveways, decks, walkways and other access points to the home should be cleared of snow, ice and unnecessary clutter. Safeguard a mishap by relocating boxes, unneeded shoes and other household items to the perimeter of a room versus middle.

Protect from Damage

Protect both your sale property’s floors and new home from potential damage by rolling out carpet, drop sheets or alternative runners in high traffic areas. Ensure to mop up any snow or water immediately that makes its way in the door and onto your floors.

In addition to the properties themselves, protect your belongings from weather-related damage by wrapping large electronics with moving blankets, prioritizing warm transfer of live plants and marking high-priority boxes needing last-in/first-out of the truck treatment.

Turn Off Heat 

With doors propped open for long periods, you may choose to turn your heating sources off during the move to conserve heating costs. For chilly days it’s best to provide a one-room source of heat to cozy up by such as a space heater driven oasis in the bathroom. Have warm drinks on hand for yourself and your dedicated moving team; a pot of coffee or cup of tea would sure be a warm-up hit for all. Lastly, dress for the weather if you’ll be on-site during the move; layers, warm boots and gloves are a must to maintain a comfortable and enjoyable move.

Leave Room in the Schedule

Mother Nature is unpredictable on the best of days and we wish there was a tried-and-true way to determine exact conditions for your unique moving day. The best advice is to leave some time in the plan for unforeseen issues such as poor road conditions, snow removal needs and a generally slower, safe pace.

Pets & Kids

Open-doors, new faces and busy moving areas can feel overwhelming to pets and little ones. As you’re managing the many working parts of moving day, consider boarding your furry friends and having care arranged for young children to ensure a smooth and safe transition for all members of the family. Together you can all enjoy settling into your new home after the hard work of moving is complete.

The Kelowna real estate market remains active and never lets a round of snow or rain put a stop to the moving motion. Each season of moving will come with its pros and cons; feel rest-assured that your winter move is not only possible, but enjoyable with the Great Little Moving crew. Contact us for your no-obligation quote on your move this winter.

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