Preparing to move to Kelowna

Prepare For Movers

There are many reasons why you may be considering hiring professional movers, including safe handling of your items, saving time, saving your body (you can thank us later for that one), and making your transition to your new home a great experience. However, sometimes the prospect of having strangers coming into your home and moving your things can be overwhelming. We have come up with some great tips to keep in mind if you’re choosing to work with professional movers here in Kelowna.

1. Prepare Your Furniture

Be sure to remove your items from all dresser drawers and pack up décor items from surfaces. Identify any fragile furniture pieces with sticky notes labelled ‘fragile’ and remove any glass tops or inserts to be moved separately.

2. First Box In = Last Box Out

It’s important to remember that the first boxes that movers load into the truck will be the last ones out on the other side. Be sure to communicate with your movers which boxes you’d like to have immediate access to once they arrive at your new Kelowna home. 

3. Hold on To Your Valuables            

It’s always best to keep jewellery, prescriptions, and any other small valuables on you during the moving process. That way, you’ll have direct access to them all day, you don’t need to worry about where to find them in the heap of boxes at your new home, and your Kelowna movers don’t have to worry about transporting small valuables.

4. Communicate Details Ahead of Time

Ahead of moving day it’s best to ask (if you live in a multi-unit building or complex, or are moving to one) what approved move in/out times are, where your moving company can park the truck, and how to reserve elevators. If you’re moving in or out of a single family home, be sure to arrange for all resident vehicles to be out of the driveway to make room for the moving truck and be sure not to stack boxes in the main entry/exit of the home that the moving company will use to load the truck.

5. Finish Packing Ahead of Time

The biggest mistake homeowners make is running around packing while the moving company is trying to move everything out and into the truck efficiently. You don’t want to be rushed when packing your belongings and you want to ensure that you’re packing efficiently, which isn’t likely to happen if you are running from one room to the next in a hurry. 

The key theme here is PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE. Don’t leave things to the last minute when you’re working with a professional moving company. If you follow our tips above, we’re confident your moving day will go smoothly and you’ll be kicking back relaxing in your new home with all of your items there nice and safely, oh, and organized!

If you’re looking for a reliable Kelowna moving company, our team at Great Little Moving Co. is ready to help! Contact us for a no-obligation quote today and arrive at your new home stress free.

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